Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come filled with the alcohol?

No it does not come stocked with booze from us…yet. BUT you can use Drizly.com to order booze you pick delivered right to you.  Check out Drizly here and have alcohol delivered in under an hour! Save $5 now and use our code DRIZLYDEAL at checkout when ordering your booze to fill your Holiday Spirits Calendar!

Do any stores sell it so I might be able to save on shipping?

Yes! Only a few so far but we are actively expanding our partnerships throughout the country. Take a glace at them here.

Do people put other things in it besides booze?

Absolutely! We originally designed the calendar for 50ml (airplane bottles), but the simple design allows you to easily swap out the bottles for unique gift surprises.

Any suggestions for the above answer?

Some authentic ideas we have seen are:

  • Cocktail carry on kits and craft cocktail mixers by W and P design
  • Socks
  • Cash
  • Spice Jars